What time does the race start?

The Half Marathon and 10k race both start at 11am. (walkers start at 10 /10:30am). The start line is at the beach car park near the community centre.

A race briefing for both races will take place at 10:50am at the Half Marathon starting line.

Where do I collect my race number / register?
Race number collection takes place at the Community Centre beside the beach car park.
Registration/Collection is open on Friday evening from 7:00pm – 8:30pm and on Sat morning form 8am to 9:30am.
Check out a map of the area on our contact us page
Where can I park?
There is ample parking at the beach car park which is beside the community centre where registration takes place.
What about my T-Shirt / Medal?

Tech T-Shirts will be given to Half Marathon Participants when they collect their race number from the the Community Centre beside the beach car park. T-shirts will also be on sale at a subsidised price. All participants will receive a number with timing chip. 
Medals will be given to all finishers at the end of the race.

What charities are supported?
Are walkers welcome?

Of course, we start our walkers off at 10am (10k walkers start at 10:30am) so that they get a chance to finish with the runners. Please let us know at registration that you are planning on walking.

Where is the prizegiving?

The prize giving and after race party will take place from 2pm at Flahives Bar. There is a B-B-Q/Food and there will be entertainment in the beer garden.

What is the Course Record?

View our Hall of Fame for the Male and Female Winner Times

What are the Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (and associated Waiver) as agreed upon when registering.

1. Each entrant must register with Half on the Head (Kerryhead Half Marathon & 10k Run).

2. An email address is required for all entries. All correspondence will be via email. A separate email address for each participant is required.

3. Your email address may be passed to our official marathon photographers for the purpose of posting a link to your official race photos, timings and any other relevant information.

4. By taking part, all participants confirm that race numbers and any  information contained on the reverse, may be used by marshals, race officials and medical services in communications with each other to identify casualties and their location.

5. To register for the half marathon you must be 18 years of age or older on event day.

6. Each participant must agree to the disclaimer/waiver and Terms & Conditions before participating in the event.

7. All participants take part at their own risk and agree to a disclaimer waiving all claims against the Half on the Head (Kerryhead Half Marathon & 10k Run)

8. Registrants must be capable of completing the full distance, start line to finish line, within the event time requirement of 3 hours 30 minutes.

9. The event time requirement and age minimum apply to all forms of entry and event participation.

10. Registration closure is determined and announced when event participation reaches capacity.

11. By taking part, all participants confirm that they are happy for their names and any footage or photographs taken during their participation to be used to publicise the Half on the Head (Kerryhead Half Marathon & 10k Run).

12. Participant race numbers are specific personal identifiers and may not be exchanged with or transferred/ sold to any other person. Transfers between runners are not permitted. Sale and/or transfer of race entries are strictly prohibited and may result in the disqualification and/or banning of any individuals involved from future events.

13. All entry fees are non-refundable. Deferring toward a future event is at the discretion of the Race Directors and must be carried out 30 days or more prior to the event taking place.


1. Participants must follow instructions as given from all event officials including race staff, volunteers, medical personnel, and officials throughout the duration of the event.

2. All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner during their participation in the event. Anyone violating this rule of conduct shall be disqualified from the event and will be asked to leave the course.

3. Every participant shall be provided with an event bib number, which shall be conspicuously worn on the front during the event. The event bib number is to be worn as issued. No participant shall be permitted to participate in the event without the appropriate bib number.

4. Headphones, Baby joggers, baby strollers, skateboards, Nordic sticks, rollerblades, unauthorized bicycles or any other wheeled device will not be permitted on the course.

5. Participants are responsible for their recognition and understanding of event signage, symbols and colour relating to participant maps, facilities and direction.

6. Medical personnel authorized by the event to do so may examine any participant who appears in distress. If in the sole opinion of authorized medical personnel it is in the best interest of the participant’s health and welfare, medical personnel may remove the participant from the event.

7. Event officials reserve the right to delay, cancel, or suspend the race due to inclement weather in accordance with Emergency Protocol on severe emergencies and/or inclement weather. No refund will be issued in these circumstances.

8. The Half on the Head takes place in an agricultural community and extra care should be taken to be mindful of farm machinery (particularly with trailers and wide loads) operating in the area.



1. Participants must begin the event during the official recognized starting times.

2. All participants must be positioned behind the starting line when starting.

3. All participants are assigned a chip timing device.

4. Clock time (gun time) is the official time for all prizes. The official times shall be recorded from the start of the race by the starting gun to the point where the participant crosses the finish line. Times shall be rounded to the next highest second. Net times shall not be used for any purpose regarding professional athletes or Top 100 participants.

3. Course Record (CR) time if broken by more than one individual is awarded solely to the overall male/female winner.

5. Participants must wear their assigned timing device continuously from start line to finish line, to receive an accurate finish time.

6. Participants found to be wearing two or more timing devices during the race will be disqualified and their results will not be recorded.

7. Participants with missing timing device times at official checkpoints will be reviewed and may be disqualified.

8. Participants must begin the event during the official recognized starting times in order to register an official course completion time.

9. All results will be fully available on the event or timing companies website after the race.


1. Event officials reserve the right, to modify, supplement or waive all or part of the event rules.

2. Participants shall be bound by any modification or supplement of the event rules published prior to the event.


Conditions Of Entry:

I agree to abide by the Event Rules and with the directions of the officials and their personnel.

I agree to wear the timing bib number and to allow the organisers and sponsors to use photographs,

video and film of me taken during the event to advertise their products or to promote the event at

no cost to the organisers and sponsors.

I understand that participation in this event is at my own risk and I accept full responsibility for

obtaining adequate skills to negotiate and avoid the hazards on the course.

I will comply with all the directions given on the entry form, confirmation letter, race pack

information and pre-race briefing.

I am fully responsible for my personal belongings at the event.

I am in sound physical condition and health, capable of safely competing in the event, and am not

aware of any medical condition to the contrary.

By competing, I accept all risks flowing from my participation which could result in loss of life or

permanent injury or damage to property. Accordingly, I release all persons or corporations

associated directly or indirectly with the conduct of the event from all claims, demands and

proceedings arising out of my participation and I hereby indemnify them against all liability for all

injury, loss or damage arising out of or connected with any act or omission by me in the course of my

participation in this event. This release shall extend to and include promoters, sponsors and the

organisers of the event and their respective directors, partners, managers, officers, agents,

contractors, employees and volunteers including medical and paramedical personnel appointed for

the event, the owners, licensees and occupiers of land upon which the event or any part of it is

conducted, any statutory body or local authority having control over any land upon which the event

is conducted or which is directly or indirectly with the event in any manner whatsoever. This release

and indemnity continues forever and binds my heirs, executors, personal representatives and